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Monday 19 January 2009

Small Problem

"To apply potential candidates need to create a 60 second or less application video in English, explaining why they are the best person for the job in an entertaining way. You’ll also have to complete a short online application form and upload the video to www.islandreefjob.com"

Now there's a stumbling block. I don't have a video camera, if you don't count the one in my mobile phone, and I certainly don't count that one. I've used a cheap still camera a few times admittedly, and everyone who isn't besotted with sailing in small boats tells me the clips are boring as..... That will never do.
"7. Applications containing poor sound and vision quality or submitted with an incomplete or inaccurate application form, will not be accepted."

Hmmm.. "poor sound and vision quality" eh? Everything I've ever uploaded to YouTube meets that criteria, but then that's what we set out to do at the time - quick and dirty!

I'm just going to have to use photos I've already taken, and mash them into a video. That should do the trick, on the other hand, the rules say that there has to be some video component, even if it is from a mobile phone.

OK, here's my actual video footage, courtesy of Mr Nokia!

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