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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Making Movies

A little over a year ago we were strolling around the south bank of the Thames and came across a movie under production. It turned out to be "Last Chance Harvey", we know that now because we saw the trailer last night, but if I may quote from Julian's version of our encounter:

“Do you know what movie it is they’re shooting?” I asked the lady. “It’s a new one,” she said, “it hasn’t been released yet”. What a scoop! Having failed to glean any useful information, I terminated the exchange.

Well my new one hasn't been released yet either, and if the time from shooting to release of a ninety minute flick is around a year, that's about four days per minute in production.

I applied the production time calculation for my little clip to see how long it would take to convert it to a feature length movie, and let's just say that Baz Luhrmann isn't going to live long enough to see it through.


There ends my movie career!

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