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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Shock! Midge fakes bits of video!

I'm wasn't at all sure what all the fuss was about over the "tattoo girl" video, and at the time I reckoned the only mistake that was made in the whole episode was the apology from the promoters and pulling the video! It was all, apology included, a brilliant move and really hammered in a few more viral nails into an already wonderfully successful campaign. I hope someone got a big bonus for it in Queensland Travel.

Then I thought to myself (a dangerous practice I must admit), I need some controversy, so that with a bit of luck I'll get my clip pulled it will have to go to the top of the pile!

Let me apologise right now: Let's get it out in the open, all my underwater shots are fake, (apart from being poorly focussed, but I call that :art", I took them at Underwater World, oh, and the clown wasn't really on the Tube when I took the shot either. The little boy's expression is real. Thanks Photoshop.

I'm sorry.

I feel so much better having that little lot off my chest.

Oh, and thanks for pausing while I photographed your tattoo Jess!

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