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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Why I need a tripod

When I see something I want to take a photograph of at ten o'clock at night, it's just too hard to keep the camera still by hand.

I just loved the warmth from below and the icy blue from the apartment above.  It made me wonder if the bloke running the shop would be game to go upstairs when he finished work!

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  1. Time for a gorilla pod:


    Do Amazon deliver to boats?

  2. I am not a devotee of the gorilla pod ... too much mathematics involved!

    But I do like the warm/cold of this shot. And the name of the cafe.

  3. Hey Gerrod, I had a gorilla pod once, for about a minute. The biggest of them was no smaller than a real tripod, and the second biggest wouldn't hold up the lens! However, it might be time to look again. (My beaut never to find a replacement mini tripod went AWOL in "the Barcelona Incident".

    Julie - Mathematics? For a tripod? Surely that's just a Labor Party rumour?

  4. whew...

    delivery to boats
    name of cafe
    the Barcelona Incident?

    something for everyone today!!


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