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Friday 6 August 2010

Postcard from Toul

Toul as cities go is a bit old.  Old enough to be completely fortified and for one of the cathedrals to have been commenced in it's fourth iteration in the 12th century and time enough for every last skerrick of living plant like thing to have vanished from within the bounds of its walls.   This wasn't noticeable at first as everything was in its ancient context, but the main square, which is actually a circle, has a monster fountain and garden as its focal point, and buried deep within the flowers are clusters of vegetables and fruit growing, cleverly trellised upon mock fruit boxes.

Is this an exhibition of the plenty that surrounds the city, or a mocking comment on the tragic results of the siege of 1870?   

I don't know, but it's beautifully done, and worth a postcard.


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