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Monday 9 November 2009

Autumn Arrives
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Then we had a frost. Well we had two days of waking to ice on the boat and within hours the trees seemed to understand what was expected of them.

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  1. This is stunning, isn't it. So totally foreign to anything we have here at home. Not better, just different.

  2. Yep, as you say not better just different. VERY different! It was a completely novel experience watching the full gamut of change, particularly the speed with which it happened after the frost!

    Thanks for the research yesterday too Joan, we're in the middle of Wales at the moment, (exploring our dark history), and at least I've got a reason for the sombre autumn here!

    I too am intrigued to see what the blast of light will be like in a week and a bit, couple with some prolonged internet connection I might just never get over my jetlag!

  3. Do you have dark history in Wales, too? I have a Welsh grandparent who came out to Australia on a warbride ship in 1919. I'll have to hunt around to see what it was that JE researched ...


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