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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Autumn Arrives
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We were bemoaning the fact that it was nearly winter and we hadn't seen Autumn. We wanted a proper autumn, the sort that one sees in the picture books, all we had thus far was the odd dark foggy morning.

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  1. Gulp! you have to have your tongue in cheek. I would trade all the autumn colour in the world to glide through this scene.

  2. Just did a bit of quick research for you "The brilliant fall foliage colours of New England are the result of bright, dry, sunny autumn days combined with cool nights, acting on species capable of producing spectacular autumn colours, such as maples, dogwoods and American oaks. The relatively muted autumn colours in Britain are due to the generally cooler, damper, more overcast conditions." ... you've had too much mist, not enough sun and not cold enough even though I bet you think it's cold.

  3. By the way, I know you are in France not Britain and look forward to whether it did gets clear and cold enough for a good display by number 7.

  4. Ah .. so that was the research. New England in Fall is one of the items on my list of OS trips. France in 2010 and maybe NE in 2011. Let's see how deep the pockets are by then.


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