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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Damn damn damn damn DAMN!!!

They didn't pick me!

I guess they saw through my ruse, the shape of my chest, the absence of hair where it matters, the gold tooth, and perhaps 30 years experience too many, whatever the case, I'm toast!

Human error it was, I suspect, that had them overlook me, and good luck to whichever pretty young thing gets the gong!

I must say on a serious note though, I cannot believe the vitriol in the online world from people who didn't comply with rules or who were late in applying or who simply thing Queensland Tourism are corrupt because they only shortlisted pretty people. Just what did they expect? I'm glad they didn't make it!

Hmmm... I suppose that's the end of this blog too!

We'll have to see see what the future brings!

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