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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tips for snorkelling

This is our dear friend Peter.

There are several things wrong with this scene, but perhaps the most glaring is the fact that not quite all the boxes on the checklist have been ticked prior to entering the water.

Peter is wearing a very smart Sunsmart Shirt, and cool pair of boardshorts, complete with almost matching flippers (or fins as the more cool among us would proclaim them) and goggles (or is that mask?).

If I may humbly suggest though, one of the handiest pieces of equipment one can take snorkelling, is an actual snorkel.

Of course, this photograph was taken somewhere other than in Queensland, and a good distance from the Barrier Reef, so Peter really could have seen all there was to see in one breath, but by golly when he comes to give us a hand while we are caretaking, we'd better have a spare snorkel ready or I fear he'll run out of breath in a very short time indeed.

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  1. It certainly would seem like a snorkel would be a good piece of equipment to have - especially when one is going snorkeling.


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