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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Windfarms are not universally loved, and for the life of me there seems to be more than enough wind in Victoria without having to create more in these things.   To those who would do away with them, I would simply retort "after you have done away with mains electricity".

On the other hand, they are decidedly creepy.  Like invading aliens, they seem to be spying on us, there's just no escaping them.   To see more of what I'm getting at, browse my latest Flickr upload.


  1. and the poor birds, eagles in our hemisphere,
    fly smack into them.

    i came over, because i am a joan elizabeth
    groupie and knew i would love it, too.

    lovely photo!

    don't bother with mine...it's not a photo blog.

  2. A joan elizabeth groupie is welcome here! ;-)


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