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Friday, 24 July 2009

We're in London Still.

It took a while, but we made it.

Two hours in Brisbane, coffee and toast.
Three hours in Sydney, scones and cream with our coffee.
Four hours delay in Singapore, party till 5.00 am body time at the airline's expense.
Arrived late in Frankfurt of course, missing our flight, but the airline cafe vouchers bought a bunch of us champagne, coffee and stupendous crepes, while we watched others become increasingly aggressive just as though we were in a scene from Airport 09!

While we were waiting in London for our luggage not to arrive, I casually remarked to the bloke next to us that it would be terrific if it didn't make it, because it would be delivered for us and we wouldn't have to lug it across London on the tube. (Despite being told that it wasn't on the plane, it was, so we didn't have any issues). Anyway said bloke offered us a lift when his driver got there, so we had a car ride home!

So here we are in Putney, high summer.

A bit weary, but since only one in the household has actual Swine Flu at the moment, all's well!

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