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Monday, 25 May 2009

West MacDonnell Ranges

A mere two or so weeks ago, I might have implied that Toowoomba would be about as high as we would be climbing this trip. Well I just hadn't accounted for Alice Springs it seems.

The Alice is actually at a slightly higher elevation than Toowoomba, even though it doesn't appear to actually be on a hill at all, something to do with the fact that the MacDonnells were something more than 4,000 metres high about 300 million years ago, according to people who know about these things, and as they've eroded, the surrounding areas have been built up a bit.

Well actually they've been built up 7 or 800 metres for several hundred kilometres around. We're about 500 k south of Alice Springs now, and about 500 metres elevation. In another 300 kilometres time, we'll be at Lake Eyre and minus 30 metres, but for now, enjoy the beauty of the now seriously stunted MacDonnells!

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