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Monday, 18 May 2009

Standley Chasm

Ok so this is just one wall of Standley Chasm, although part of the other is just visible in the top right, due entirely to some inept cropping work on my part.

Poked around in Alice and surrounds all day today, ready to hit the road tomorrow and probably away from the world for a week or so. When I mentioned that Toowoomba at 700 metres may well have been the highest point in our journey, I wasn't counting on the fact that Alice Springs is actually at the same elevation. This is apparantley brought about by the fact that the mountain ranges round here were originally two or three thousand metres higher than they are today, and in the erosion process, they've spread themselves over the surrounding four or five hundred kilometres!

So Standley is only a few hundred metres above ground level at best, but it was once nearly 4000 metres above sea level apparently. How do they know that stuff?

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  1. Is it just me or do the clouds seem to be moving when you stare at this picture? Jen


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